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Using USB Z-Wave and Zigbee controllers

To directly access devices like the Aeotec Gen-5 USB Stick, Nortek HUSZB-1 or similar USB controllers inside an iocage-jail, you will need to use a custom devfs_ruleset. Before a jail can use the custom ruleset, it must first be created on the FreeNAS host.

  • This will use a script to create the custom devfs_ruleset on your FreeNAS
  • The name of this script is trivial. In this example I use zwave-ruleset.sh

Create a script zwave-ruleset.sh on your FreeNAS

  • The script will create devfs_ruleset 99 on your FreeNAS
  • I use 99 because it seems unlikely this would otherwise be used
  • To use a different ruleset number, change RULE_NUM=99

I used the FreeNAS console to create the script in my user’s home directory

ee zwave-ruleset.sh

Add the following contents


## Create custom devfs_ruleset RULE_NUM

/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add include 1
/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add include 2
/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add include 3
/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add path zfs unhide
/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add path 'bpf*' unhide
/sbin/devfs rule -s ${RULE_NUM} add path 'cua*' unhide
  • To Save and Exit, press ESC then press ENTER twice

Make the script executable

chmod +x zwave-ruleset.sh

Test the script from the FreeNAS console

sh zwave-ruleset.sh

Check that your custom ruleset has been successfully created

devfs rule -s 99
  • You should see similar output
$ sudo devfs rule -s 99 show

100 include 1
200 include 2
300 include 3
400 path zfs unhide
500 path bpf* unhide
600 path cua* unhide

Setting your jail to use the custom ruleset

  • You can do this from the FreeNAS console or use the webui
  • I find using the FreeNAS console quickest

For example, if your jail is named homeassistant

iocage set devfs_ruleset=99 homeassistant
iocage restart homeassistant

Automatically creating the custom ruleset

  • Set zwave-ruleset.sh to run at startup using the FreeNAS webui

This is required for FreeNAS to automatically (re)create the custom ruleset during (re)boot.

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