Quick Start for FreeNAS 11.3

Home Assisstant Core (python virtualenv)

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Construction of this site (using these github pages) is temporarily on hold

In these last months, I have made no progress toward advancing this quick start for Home Assistant Core on FreeNAS. In an effort to remove some distractions – because I can’t just turn on and leave alone – that come with using github pages, I am putting this site on hold.

I am hoping that temporarily moving this quick start to the project wiki will allow me to focus on expanding these docs in a more timely manner. When the wiki is more complete with content, I will again attempt for better presentaion using these github pages.

This is a FreeNAS Community Plugin

Home Assistant Core homeassistant /srv/homeassistant 8123 hass /home/hass/homeassistant
Hass Configurator configurator /srv/configurator 3218 hass /home/hass/configurator
AppDaemon appdaemon /srv/appdaemon 5050 hass /home/hass/appdaemon
HA Dashboard appdaemon /srv/appdaemon ^^^^ hass /home/hass/appdaemon

Using USB Z-Wave and Zigbee controllers

To directly access devices like the Aeotec Gen-5 USB Stick, Nortek HUSZB-1 or similar USB controllers inside an iocage-jail, you will need to use a custom devfs_ruleset. Before a jail can use the custom ruleset, it must first be created on the FreeNAS host.

Home Assistant Community Forum

The current release is intended for FreeNAS 11.3 but should work with FreeNAS 11.2-U7 or later

  • The current artifact files for this FreeNAS plugin can be found HERE
  • All of my FreeNAS plugin manifests can be found HERE